True art is incomplete.

True art invites your mind.

Now, turn photos into true art.

“I’ve been using PaintMee 2 for about a week and a half and I’m absolutely blown away by this incredible app!!


The finished results are amazing and the presets can be finely tuned with many, many settings. These settings can then be saved as a new preset.


PaintMee 2 is exceptionally easy to use, with a great interface, and, although on the surface it seems quite simple, changing the settings on any preset will give very interesting, creative and often usable results. There are many presets that come with the app and all are creative for example there are Painting presets, Sketching presets, Black and White and Color presets, Pastels, Chalks, Charcoal, Crayons, Watercolor, Monet, Oils and many more besides!!!


Its also very fast and extremely satisfying to watch as your photo becomes a painting, relaxing too...


It also saves the finished painting in 4K resolution which is excellent!!


All in all, an excellent app and one that I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who wants to turn their photos into paintings or sketches.

10 out of 10....”


True Art happens when your mind is invited into a piece. When there is something intriguing, provoking, ambiguous or incomplete. Now YOU can make true art in an instant – and have fun while doing it.

Your tools are STYLE and FOCUS. For a photo, choose a style and set a focus point. Moving the focus point dramatically alters the resulting painting. Use this very powerful tool to make the painting truly yours.


• 92 carefully tuned example styles.
• Styles range from oil paintings through sketches, ink splatter and wood carvings to downright craziness.
• Use a powerful focus point system to control expression.
• Place up to 5 focus points.
• Different results every time, even for the same style.
• Watch the painting take shape stroke by stroke.
• Advanced users: fine tune styles to get that perfect look.
• Advanced users: create your own styles and add them to the list.
• Save the entire painting process as a movie.
• Render and save painting in 4K resolution.


Explore the 92 built-in styles.


Extend the list by creating your own styles.


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