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The web browser that doesn't reload pages when you go "back".

For iOS and Mac

"FastBack - the browser that doesn't reload when you go back." The name says it all. Amazingly, this is in contrast to all other iOS browsers.


- When tapping "back", the previous page displays instantly. It does NOT reload, scroll, jump, redraw or update in any annoying way (as every other browser does), making the back step fast.


- This is great for browsing news sites: You scroll down a long main page, tap a link, read, tap back, tap another link, tap back etc – and everything is just smooth. News browsing the way it was meant to be.


- There are almost NO other features. OK, your frequently visited sites are remembered but that's it. Less is more.


- I wrote this app so I could browse my morning news sites without going crazy. Enjoy!

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