Art Studio

for iOS

Create art with your personal touch from any photo – in seconds. The smartest oil painting app for both beginners and pros. 


- Featured by Apple under New and Noteworthy in 125 countries.


- Cool and simple expression control: paint FAST for a nice oily blur, paint SLOWLY for better detail, regardless of brush size. 


- Brush strokes are recorded, so you can replay the whole session so far, at any time. You can even save your session replays as regular movie files (iPhone 4 or later). 


- Save sessions for later reuse. Current session auto saved when exiting app. 


- True multi-touch painting! The feeling of painting with 5 fingers at once – and actually achieving something – is incredible. 


- Export at up to 12 megapixels resolution. (8 MP on iPad 2, 4 MP on iPad 1)


- Undo at any time. Or even better, just paint over until satisfied! 


- Try out your paint on the handy palette before using. 


- Enjoy the dynamic paint sounds following your slightest brush twist. 

Bottom line: When painting is fun, results are better!

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