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Pixel Playground

The Fresh Tool for Retro Graphics

Do pixel editors have to be as retro as pixel art itself? No! Professionals, hobbyists and newcomers – rejoice! Pixel Playground is here, and it's powerful, beautiful and simple.

"I'm a HUGE fan of Pixel [Playground]! It's the only iOS pixel art app that's as well designed as iOS itself. Almost every design decision is perfect."

"This is Absolutely what you should expect from a great pixel art tool. Some of the tools here work like magic. Nice touches everywhere in the app."

“Extremely feature rich but not bloated. Love the factual names of the colours too.”

"This really is a great pixel editor. The interface is refreshing and there’s a surprisingly robust toolset augmented with useful gesture controls. Pixel drawing is precise."

"The tutorials are fun and very effective at teaching the app’s features."

"Inuitive, fast. Really surprised to see several really cool tools. Lock color. Draw to select. Long press to sample. Nice."


- Document bounds grow as needed

- Simple & clean with no clutter between you and your art

- Super responsive drawing, pan & zoom

- Unlimited undo steps

- Portrait or landscape anytime


- Freehand, lines, boxes, ellipses, flood-fill 
- Cool auto contour tool 
- Powerful selection: paint mask using regular tools 
- Intuitive tool size: matches finger-tip size at any zoom level
- Cut, copy, paste

- Smart palette with existing document colors 
- Extensive palette with all recent colors 
- Paint opacity setting
- Automatic color naming for easy reference 
- Long press to sample existing colors 
- Lock all pixels of one color 
- Lock all pixels except one color 
- Easily adjust existing document colors
- Auto erase when drawing on same color


- Syncs using iCloud 
- Auto saves your work
- Export as regular PNGs 
- Save to photos, air drop, facebook, twitter, etc.

- No in-app purchases 
- Magic undo/redo transitions
- Minimal file size (1,5 MB!)

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